Why US

WHY Kachhi Properties?

While there are many reasons for our success, they all revolve around a few key factors that are as follows:

Passionate Commitment
We have an unwavering commitment to quality construction.

We don’t just build new homes, we build trust, relationships and peace of mind. We are both knowledgeable and passionate about every aspect of what we do and we do all we can to communicate that knowledge and passion to our home buyer.

Impeccable Quality
Perhaps the most important difference is our homes themselves.

One step inside our homes gives you a lasting impression of quality. But our quality goes much deeper. Each home we build goes through a series of quality inspections by our subcontractors and our project managers until it is finally given the stamp of approval.

Kachhi Properties is committed to your comfort from start to finish, every step of the way.

Our relationship with you begins the first time you walk through our doors. From that time forward, our family takes care of your family—so you’re confident in your choice of a home builder, secure in your investment and completely delighted with your home. It’s our philosophy. It’s the way we do business.

Prime Location

Two-decade long experience in the area of building quality homes, Kachhi Properties has developed an uncanny ability to locate prime parcels of land that are:-

  • Easily accessible
  • Close to all facilities
  • Ideal for peaceful living
  • A clean and green environment
Lifestyle Amenities

We provide lifestyle amenities at affordable cost

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